Going to the dentist’s office to fill cavities is old fashioned. Your teeth must be drilled first and then filled, and some people may experience the so called ‘dentist stress’.

But, we have a good news. There is no need to go to dentist to fill the cavity. You can do this at home.


Our teeth are made of four layers, which can be damaged by the acid in the mouth. These layers can be dissolved and the cavity will set in.


There are many symptoms that show where you are affected by tooth decay or not. These symptoms include discolored spots on teeth, pain when eating, tooth ache and sensitivity to hot or cold food. All of these can be eliminated by going to the dentist and filling the cavity. But, for those people who are stressed by the effect of drilling, there is another solution.

Filling cavities without the need of a drill

Just recently a research from Japan has developed a way to fill cavities without drilling. This research has discovered a paste, which is similar to the tooth enamel (the hard mineralized protective shell known as the first tooth layer). This kind of paste can be used to fill cavities without the need to drill them first. So, stress aside, you won’t ever have the need of going to the dentist again to fill cavities.


The research showed that cavities filled with this paste were as sturdy and stable as their metal counterparts. With this paste, the cavity can be filled without the need to drill parts of the teeth, so that the chances to spread the decay would be reduced. Note that this paste should be used at first stages of decay.

How to use it

This paste is highly concentrated in acid and hydrogen peroxide, so it could cause inflammation of the gums if not used properly. So, if you want to use it at home, you must consult with your dentist first.


This product can be purchased by dentists only and then distributed by them to their patients.  It gives effect in less than 20 minutes, so your cavity will be filled in no time. This product will be available for distribution next year.

Prevent tooth decay

The good oral hygiene is the solution to avoiding and preventing cavity. By brushing your teeth every day with a good toothpaste, and cleaning your mouth with anti-bacterial fluids can keep the cavity away and you will have healthy teeth. Natural remedies you can use instead of toothpaste include natural coconut paste or oil (so you can try oil pulling). Buying commercial toothpaste is not a necessity.

On the other hand, despite the toothpaste, the daily diet is the main factor in your oral health. The food you eat determines the re-mineralization process, so the more minerals your diet include, the much healthy your teeth become. But, brushing them with toothpaste every day can lower the risk of tooth decay. A natural remedy you can use to mineralize your teeth are the eggshells.




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