Modern era and the development of technology have drastically altered our lifestyles, which means we are frequently under the threat of jeopardizing our well- being with the use of many dangerous chemicals and toxins, breathing polluted air, eating GMO foods and others the like.

Moreover, in most cases, we are don’t even know that we are exposed to risk, as we believe labels and keep using some harmful products.


Products like Ajax, Colgate and Palmolive…

Ajax is a cleanser found in your household, which is affirmed as one of the most popular cleansers worldwide. Ajax, Colgate and Palmolive contain a toxic compound called crystalline silica, that is linked to cancer, skin, lung and eye irritation. It is declared as a carcinogenic ingredient and many producers have minimized its use.

Whole Milk

Toxic elements such as DDT – carcinogenic xenoestrogen, antibiotics – which generally result in allergic reactions or resistance, heptachlor – famous as neurotoxic carcinogenic, xenoestrogen, the reproductive toxin – hexachlorobenzene, dieldrin and the recombinant bovine growth hormone + IGF- 1  are in fact dangerous, but you can still find them in whole milk. Of course, they are not listed on the label.

The basic ingredient in henna

The toxins are listed on the label. The basic ingredient of neutral henna, also known as Alberto VO5 Conditioner contains: fragrance – which trigerrs dermatitis, FDC red #4 – which is linked with cancer, polysorbate 80 contains 1,4 dioxane, carcinogenic compound and formaldehyde – a neurotoxic and carcinogenic substance which in numerous cases is the prime cause of dermatitis.

Dog and Cat collar

Products manufactured by the Sandoz Argo Inc contain propoxur, a toxic compound with carcinogenic properties, and known neurotoxic.

Talcum powder

If you want to avoid ovarian cancer and lung irritations, keep away from the talc by Johnson & Johnson.

Tartar Control Toothpaste

The toxic compounds are listed on the label of products by Procter and Gamble Inc. Fluoride, FDC blue #1 and saccharin, all carcinogenic.

Cover girl Natural Finish Make up

It is also manufactured from the Procter and Gamble Inc. This product possesses fragrance and parabens – both connected to dermatitis, lanolin – carcinogenic pesticide, triethanolamine – when mix with nitrites it produces carcinogenic nitrosamines, BHA – a carcinogenic compound, and talc – linked to lung irritations and cancer.

Beef – produced by Oscar Mayer Foods

It contains labeled feminizing and carcinogenic hormones, antibiotics which can trigger allergies, lindane – kill cells that produce blood, neurotoxic and carcinogenic compound, DDT and benzene hexachloride – both xenoestrogens and carcinogenic, dachtal – irritant, sensitizer, carcinogenic, heptachlor – neurotoxic and reproductive toxin, also carcinogenic, and nitrite, which makes nitrosamines in contact with meat and triggers childhood cancers.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray

It is produced by the Reckill and Colman Inc., and contains orthothenylphenol which causes irritations and cancer.

Ortho Weed B- Lawn Weed Killer

It is produced by Monsanto Co. And contains a toxic compound called sodium 2,4 D which is neurotoxic, reproductive toxin and carcinogen. It causes various types of cancer and tissue sarcoma, and rarely even lymphoma.

Clairol Nice and Easy

This hair color is manufactured by Clairol Inc., and its label lists toxins such as propylene glycol, phenylediamine – both associated to dermatitis and cancer.

DEA formats carcinogenic nitrosamine after binding to nitrites, quartenium 15 – a sensitizer, neurotoxic and carcinogenic, which can cause dermatitis and fragrance – which triggers lymphoma, different types of cancer and dermatitis.

Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser

It is produced by Reckit and Colman Inc. and its toxic constituents are not listed on the label. Crystalline Silica can trigger skin irritations, eye irritations and it is highly carcinogenic.

After reading all the information and learning more about these dangerous chemical substances, keep an eye on the products you use and raise your awareness.

Stay away from exposing yourself to health-harming toxins and chemicals. Regulate the use or avoid entirely the products with toxic substances that can affect your health.


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