Be aware! What your doctors didn`t tell you about yeast infection?

Women will find this article very useful because most of them have had the problem with white discharge, irritation, itching and burning, at least once in their lives. These are all symptoms of vaginal yeast infection which is not such a problem nowadays, there are many medications and creams that can help.

Unfortunately, this treatment does not work for everybody. For many women, it may work temporarily, but the infection returns in several weeks. If you are one of them, you will find the following information very useful, how to get rid of yeast infection once and for all.

What are the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection?

First we need to check if it really is yeast. If the results from the lab are clear, take another test, the labs can make a mistake, the second one can show yeast infection for real. The usual symptoms are white vaginal discharge, itching, burning and irritation. Possible reasons for this can also some allergies to spermicides, latex condoms or semen, hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness, or overgrowth of the bacteria that normally live in the vagina.

The yeast treatment prescribed by your doctor can improve the symptoms, but the infection often comes back. Some of the possible reasons for this recurring of the vaginal yeast infection are:

  • Reinfection by sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal hygiene products that alter the pH value of the vagina
  • Anemia or weakened immune system
  • Diabetes or disorder in glucose metabolism
  • Resistance to anti-fungal medicaments
  • Use of antibiotics
  • Use of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy
  • Poor production of progesterone
  • Pregnancy
  • Altered pH value of the vagina caused by menstrual cycle.


If you didn`t have luck with traditional medicine, try consulting a naturopathic physician, he can help you restore vaginal health and hormone balance, and improve your immunity and iron deficiency in order for your body to be strong enough to fight the yeast infection and prevent it from recurring.

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