This Will Happen If You Do Not Change Your Underwear Every Day

Wearing clean underwear is very important for everybody, from the children playing around all day to working women. It can be easier to wear the same underwear as the previous day, and truth be told, everybody has done it at least once. Nevertheless, dirty underwear can lead to various health problems


Why Is It Important to Change Your Underwear?

The underwear has bacteria all over them, from the front to the back part. Furthermore, it can lead to irritation at the very least. If you are thinking about if you should change your underwear daily, read about some things that can be caused by dirty underwear.

  1. Extreme Scratching

There is bacteria that is all over your underwear. That bacteria can easily transfer to your skin, thus irritating it and leading to all types of itching. According to some people, changing the underwear very often can eliminate beautiful aromas and it is not hygienic. Nevertheless, if you don’t change your underwear regularly, you expose the genital areas (which are susceptible to bacteria anyways) to even more bacteria and you encourage bacteria reproduction.

  1. Major Irritation and Rashes

If there is an itchy bum on your skin, caused by scratching, you can irritate it even more. Dirty material usually chafes the skin and even though the protrusions resemble a heat rush at first, they can become open lesions. Because of the fact that this area is not exposed to much air, healing usually takes time. These lesion are treatable, but they can easily be prevented if you change your underwear regularly.

  1. Unpleasant Strong Odors

If you do not wear clean underwear, the chances are that you haven’t had a shower as well. It is not a crime not to change your underwear form now and then, but you might notice a strong odor which is coming from your nether regions. The chaffing, bacteria and the dirty materials can cause a really unpleasant smell. Hence, the genitals need a lot of fresh air in order to be healthy. If not cleaned properly, your flora may have the smell of a stinkweed.

  1. Development of Major Infections

There can be an excessive of moisture if you sweat a lot and do exercise. Environments which are moist are the perfect ground for bacteria reproduction. Nasty infections are usually caused by moisture, but if you do not change your underwear often, it can also increase the risk of infections. It is for the best to wear cotton underwear and avoid lace and nylon underwear.

  1. Increased Risk of UTI

One of the most serious problems which women can face are urinary tract infections. These infections cause burning sensations which can be unbearable. Bacteria can penetrate the vaginal cavity and the bladder are, thereby causing infection. If not treated immediately, an UTI can lead to kidneys infection. Wearing dirty underwear increases the risk of developing an UTI.

A Change Is Going To Be Good for You

According to a number of studies, it is for the best to change your underwear once a day, at the minimum. Provided that you do exercise, you need to change it immediately after you sweat. Your objective is for you to be clean and fresh all day. You will feel better and also people surrounding you.

Source: Positive Med

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