Not EVERYONE Has This LINE On Their PALMS, What It Means If You Have It

Since ancient times there are people who by examining the hands assume they can predict the future. As it turns out the hand of a human can provide many information for that person.

Not everybody has the same lines on their palms. In addition of the four major lines on the palm, also there is a short arched line under their middle and ring finger.

In fact, this small curved line can even make a whole circle or two shorter separate lines.

This occurrence is called love belt or Venus’s circle.

This line is associated with sensitive people and inclined to love problems. According to some palm readers, if the circle is closed it means that there is a great disappointment in the love life.

So if you are one of those who have this circle and feel this way, you need to consider this as a lesson rather than disappointment.


If there is a semi-circled lines, one beneath another, this means that that person is very emotional. The heart line, one of the four major palm lines, begins just under the middle finger and ends under the small finger.

Which heart line is yours?

1) If this is your heart line, you’’re intelligent, ambitious, and independent. Plus, you can make good judgment and decisions. However, you may have a selfish, materialistic attitude in life. Take advantage of your good qualities to improve your communication and life.

2) If this is your heart line, you’’re considerate, kind, and trustworthy with people. You are prone to getting too emotionally involved. It’’s important to know when to keep off guard.

3) If this is your heart line, you are content and confident in your love life, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship. You’’re happy either way.

4) If this is your heart line, you’’re patient, caring, calm, warm-hearted and full of good intentions. You’’re the altruistic type.



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