She Is 57 Years Old But Her Feet Look Like A Twenty Year Old Girl, And She Is Doing Only This

The following article will present you a recipe that will make your feet look like the feet of a twenty-year-old.
Cracked heels are not only an aesthetic problem. They can also become painful as the cracks become deeper and the dirt inside of the cracks becomes infected. So, this problem must be solved as soon as possible.


Dead skin cells make the feet thick. The result is reduced elasticity and reduced circulation of blood. The thick dead skin can be removed with a file or a pumice stone after a bath or a shower, when the feet are softer. Don’t eliminate the skin with a sharp object since you can remove too much skin which also results in infection.

The skin must be nurtured afterwards in order to recover from the treatment. You can use moisturizers or prepare natural creams by yourself. Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for skin damages. Take some coconut oil and apply it on the feet. Leave it on for a while.

You can also prepare a foot bath with rosemary, lime blossom or olive oil. These natural ingredients aid blood circulation.

So, remember that beautiful and healthy feet require regular proper care.


Pressure, prolonged function and irritation from high heels or thin shoes make the skin thick and coarse which may result in a blister. Blisters usually appear where there is increased pressure or below the joints of the toe.


Corns have yellow, white or gray color and they have irregular shape. They usually affect the areas at greatest pressure such as the little and big toe.

Soft corns are corns between the toes. These corns are softer than the regular corns since the areas between the toes are moist.

The following recipe will help you solve the problems with cracks, blisters and corns.

Needed ingredients:

• 300 milligrams of Andol or aspirin
• 250 milliliters of brandy or 70% Medicinal alcohol


Grind the tablets until they become powdery completely.

Mix the powder with the brandy or alcohol and leave the remedy to rest for 1 or 2 days.


Shake the remedy every night. Soak gauze in the remedy and put it on the desired area on the foot. Bandage the area, put a nylon bag on the foot and finally put on a sock. Leave the remedy on your foot over the entire night.

In the morning, wash the foot with warm water and apply glycerin or some oily leg cream.

After 10 days, your skin will no longer be cracked or with blisters and corns. You can also clean the foot skin with a heel stone or brush before the treatment.

This remedy is also effective against varicose veins. You only need to massage the painful spots with the remedy and the pain will disappear.

You can also use the remedy to massage painful spots in case of osteochondrosis as well.




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