Lower Your Child’s Temperature In Less Than 5 Minutes Without Using Medications

Child fever makes parents stressed even though according to medical studies fever without any other issues is not dangerous. It is only a reaction to an infection in the body and your child’s body is trying to defeat the infection and prevent sickness. However, long fever and fever that is getting worse can be cured with some simple home remedies. If the fever lasts for more than a few days, a pediatrician must be seen immediately.


The following natural remedies and methods can reduce child’s temperature in only 5 minutes.

1. Grated potatoes

Peel and grate potatoes. Then, put the potatoes in your child’s socks. Put the socks on your child’s feet. Your child will immediately feel better as the temperature will disappear in a few minutes.

2. Water and brandy

Mix one small cup of water with one small cup of brandy in a bowl. Soak a gauze in the mixture. Squeeze the excess solution and put the gauze on the socks of your child.

3. Cool washcloth

A cool washcloth is an effective way to reduce the fever of your child. You only need to put a cool and moist washcloth on the forehead of your child while he/she is asleep. The fever will be gone in 5 minutes.

4. Bath with lukewarm water

Even though it is believed that cold showers can reduce temperature, it is completely wrong. They can only cause raise of the temperature and shivering. Instead, give your child a lukewarm bath. The body will cool down and the temperature will reduce as the water from the bath evaporates.

5. Chilled food and plenty of fluids

In case of a fever, your child must be hydrated, so give him lots of fluids. The fever can also be reduced from inside out with chilled drinks and foods.

6. Using a fan

Your child will also feel better and more comfortable if you use a fan. The fan should be adjusted to low intensity and should not blow directly into the child.

7. Remove clothing layers

Remove the layers of clothing from your child to allow the body to cool down through the skin. If your child feels cold, cover him with a light blanket until he/she feels warm again.

8. Cool place indoors

Keep your child in a cool room. If you have to go outside, keep your child away from the sun.
Important note

A 3-months-old baby must see a doctor immediately in case of a fever. 3 to 5-months old babies must see a doctor if the temperature is 101 degrees. If your child is over 6 months, take him to your pediatrician if the temperature is 102 degrees.



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