Use Lemon, Salt And Pepper To Get Rid Of These Nine Problems, They Work Better Than Any Medicine

During this season people have problems with infections and flues. Sometimes we use shots and antibiotics to get rid of them but sometimes we need another solution.
We have to find a way that will help us to get rid of the illness by using natural remedies which sometimes are more effective.

Use Lemon, Salt And Pepper

When we are sick we do not have enough energy and we need powerful ingredients that have antiviral, antibacterial properties and can help us to boost our immunity. When it comes to curing flu or a cold, people often think of lemon juice. It contains calcium, citric acid, magnesium and vitamins which can treat many infections and diseases. It will stimulate digestion and help with weight loss.

We present you nine ingredients and remedies that can help you to combat flu and colds:

1. If you have problems with sore throat in a glass combine 1 tbsp. of salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Drink the mixture.
2. Maybe the opening of the nose ducts was not easy, but now it is. Combine cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom seeds and cumin. Use equal part and grind them. You can choose to inhale the mixture or smell it.
3. Combine olive oil and lemon juice to get rid of gall stones.
4. In case of problem with tonsillitis mix lemon juice and salt and gargle the mixture.
5. If you have a weight problem take 1 glass of water and add ¼ tsp. of ground black pepper, 1 tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. Drink this mixture every day.
6. In case of nausea combine black pepper, lemon juice and water.
7. You can reduce asthma attack with black pepper. Make the drink by adding 8 to 10 grains of black pepper, 15 basil leaves and 2 clove buds. Pour boiling water over them and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Then add 2 tsp. of honey and drink the mixture.
8. Eliminate toothache by combining black pepper and olive oil.
9. You can stop nose bleeding by using lemon juice. Simply add a little bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball and place it in the nostril. If you want you can add lemon juice in your drinks as well.

If you want to get rid of the cough just add salt, pepper and lemon juice in a glass and drink them.



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