This Is Why You Should Never Drink Mountain Dew Again

Human history remembers many wars, disease breakouts, epidemics, as well as hunger and poverty. Wars and diseases took many lives and nobody wants these problems to appear ever again. However, there is one dangerous sugary drink called Mountain Dew that is drunk by many people every day.
In 1940, Tennessee, Ally and Barney Hartman invented the formula for this drink. In 1958, Bill Bridgforth changed the formula. In the same year, the Tip Corporation of Marion bought the rights for this drink.

This company produced the formula for the Mountain Dew drink that we have today. In the 1960s, Pepsi-Cola bought the rights for this monstrous green drink.

Nowadays, this drink is the most popular drink in some parts of the worlds. For instance, Mountain Dew is the most popular drink in the Appalachian Mountains and in this region many people are toothless.

Mountain Dew is destroying the health and even killing so many people and the situation should no longer be ignored.

1. Mountain Dew is very acidic

Small children are thought to avoid batteries because they are acidic. The acidity of a battery is pH 1. The acidity of Pepsi and Coke is pH 2.5. Mountain Dew has acidity of pH 3. This shocks you, right?

These facts were announced by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

2. Mountain Dew is dangerous for your reproductive organs

There are rumors that Mountain Dew reduces the size of a male’s reproductive organ. This rumor has some medical background even though it cannot be proven. The can and bottle that contain this drink influences the hormonal levels.

The lining of the plastic bottle and the can contain BPA. BPA protects the package from the acidity of the drink. Researchers have proven that Mountain Dew influences the rates of infertility directly. Other negative impacts of Mountain Dew are:

• Cardiovascular diseases
• Dysfunction of the thyroid gland
• Cancer of the reproductive organs
• Changes of the pancreatic beta cells

3. Deceitful advertisements

For a product to be successful it needs excellent marketing catchphrase. This leads people to buy that product. For instance, Red Bull – gives you wings, M&M’s – melt in your mouth and Mountain Dew is – game fuel.
Video games are played through the entire day and night by large number of gamers. These people drink tons of this dangerous drink.

According to the Environmental Health News, gamers spend 12 hours every day drinking sodas continuously.

Moreover, other people are also addicted to Mountain Dew. For instance, Honey Boo Boo drank a lot of Red Bulls and Mountain Dews before most of her performances on TV.

4. Pepsi acknowledges the effects of Mountain Dew

Many people may not trust the scientific community about these facts about Mountain Dew. However, even Pepsi acknowledged the negative side effects of the drink when a man found a jelly like something in his Mountain Dew drink.

After tasting the drink, the man poured out the drink from the can and found something that looked like a mouse that was dissolving.

The man sued Pepsi, and Pepsi responded that the mouse had dissolved in the Mountain Dew drink.

If a mouse dissolves in the drink, you must think about what is happening to your body when you drink Mountain Dew.

5. GMO in Mountain Dew

Read the following ingredients found in Mountain Dew and you will see why these drink is definitely not safe.

• Preservative called Sodium benzoate reacts against vitamin C and creates carcinogens
• Yellow dew that comes from coal tar
• GMO soy and corn
• BVO – banned in Japan and Europe

Consuming the combination of all these ingredients is excellent way to destroy your body. However, Pepsi continues with its campaign that Mountain Dew is not harmful.

Pepsi claims that BVO is safe and approved by FDA, and is also found in citrus based drinks. The company claims that all of their drinks are produced by the government’s guidelines.

The terrible issue is that these governmental guidelines are set and monitored by people who used to work for these large companies.

6. Long term consequences of drinking Mountain Dew

Nowadays, many people are dying from cancer, obesity and many other chronic diseases.

Mountain Dew is not killing you directly. Over time, it builds the above mentioned diseases, which leads to death.

The mixture of these dangerous chemicals should have never been used commercially. It should have remained in the laboratory where it was produced.

How to stop Mountain Dew?

Even though you cannot stop the large corporations, you can stop buying and consuming this harmful drink. This drink is only destroying your body. It gives you nothing else except of health issues. Instead of this toxic drink, prepare your own soda at home. You can make your soda healthy and nutritious instead of drinking poisonous sodas.



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