This plant is named “EXTENDER OF LIFE”! Heals stomach ulcers, nervous and digestive system, arthritis and lung cancer!

Since ancient times, the Chinese have recognized the power and healing properties of sweet flag and used it in the everyday treatment of certain diseases, which has proven extremely successful and received the name “extender of life”.


Sweet Flag is a domestic plant, which can be found along streams, ditches and stagnant water.

This extremely medicinal aromatic plant blooms from June to August, and can grow to about a meter in height. Floral cluster is located on the bottom of the stem and the elongated, cylindrical and has a very thick yellow-green flowers. The rhizome is the long horizontal roots and very branched, and it is growing long lanceolate leaves.

In spring and late fall Sabir rhizome – it needed a good wash, cut and dry artificial heat. Thus processed, sweet flag is stored in a dry place.

The healing properties of sweet flag

This remarkable plant has proven to be extremely effective in treating many problems:

– Liver problems
– Problems with the digestive organs
– Diseases of the intestines and stomach
– Promotes expulsion of kidney stones
– It helps with stomach problems that are related to the lack of stomach acid, catarrh, weakened and neuroses of the stomach, lack of appetite, indigestion, wind and ulcers of the duodenum
– It calms palpitations
– Regulates the proper secretion of bile
– Helps with fever, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia, lung cancer and – hoses
– Improves circulation
– Helps with rheumatism and gout
– Promotes urination
– Improves concentration and memory
– Used with potency problems
– Treatment of Angina
– It helps with pain in the neck
– It is useful for bad breath, gingivitis and mouth disinfection
– Strengthens and purifies the blood


Some people say that there is no bowel that sweet flag can not be cured, no matter how persistent was.

Calamus can help with quitting smoking – people want to quit smoking, recommended chewing dried rhizome calamus, which kills the desire to consume nicotine.

Given the will, this plant can help you finally leave this habit. Smokers chew 10-15 pieces of rhizome, distributed throughout the day. It is recommended for people with cancer to the lungs and intestines.

Preparation sweet flag (calamus)

Calamus contains: glycoside, akorin, alkaloids, starch, essential oil, resin and some traces of choline. My wonderful, aromatic fragrance is extremely reminiscent of cinnamon and except for direct treatment can be used in the kitchen, where it can serve as a substitute for cinnamon.

Brandy which is leavened sweet flag is used as a mouthwash and strengthening the gums and it is extremely healthy to drink such spirits.

However, in most cases, sweet flag, we will prepare as a tea, which is prepared with cold sauce.

To create this tea should be in a cup (2.5 dl) put a small teaspoon of dried roots of calamus and pour it with cold water and leave for 8-12 hours (preferably overnight). After that tea is necessary to filter and warm up a bit so you drink, the best immediately before and after a meal at a few sips if a cure diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Tea is also used to disinfect the lungs and carminative.

From iđirota can be prepared and refreshing bath so that 200 grams of rhizome put in 5 liters of water and leave for 12 hours. Then, boil it to a boil and pour into the tub with the prepared water. The water is required to stay for 20 minutes. After that, you need a good cover and go to bed at least an hour – during which time you can drink tea and sweet flag.

Calamus can be prepared as juice, so that the fresh rhizome thoroughly cleaned and drained – used three times a day one teaspoon with a little water, 15 minutes before eating.

For diseases of nerves recommended preparation of calamus oil so that 200 grams of chopped roots are mixed with a liter of olive or corn oil. The root should be in oil for 30-60 days with occasional shaking. The oil is used to massage the painful places, several times a day. In melancholia and hypochondria recommended massaging his temples, neck and place behind the ear.

The dried root of sweet flag can be purchased at any pharmacy or bulk plant, in which form it is best to use.

Tea made from sweet flag and other plants

Apart from self-prepared, with some discomfort, sweet flag can be consumed in combination with other herbs like tea:

Tea for stomach and intestines:

In a cup of 2.5 dl put half a teaspoon of sweet flag and half a teaspoon of marshmallow root, also pour cold water and let stand for 8 hours and then strain it and boil.

Said composition is ideal for people who suffer from poor functioning of the digestive system.

Sweet Flag is also a great mix with a distaff for stomach ailments.

Tea to encourage urination:

It takes a blend of 25 grams of rhizome calamus, mint, crushed bran and parsley leaf. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour a pint of boiling water, cover and leave for two hours. This tea is best to eat three times a day before meals.

Tea for better digestion:

Mix 20 grams of rhizome calamus, lemon balm, mint, chamomile and fennel. A spoonful of this mixture should be Pour 2 dl of boiling water, cover and drink after a meal.

Tea to stimulate appetite:

To stimulate appetite recommended a combination of herbs that is obtained by mixing 20 grams of rhizome calamus, plant (mustard), bitter clover and peel of bitter orange. This mixture should be placed in 1 liter of brandy brandy and so keep her 8 days, shake the mixture every now and then. You should drink three times a day one tablespoon, half an hour before meals.

Tea against gastritis and ulcers:

Sweet flag and liquorice (licorice) it is necessary to grind and eat three times a day before meal one teaspoon in a strong chamomile tea.

Also, one can use a blend of sweet flag, flax seed, licorice and plantain (per 100 grams). Two tablespoons of this mixture cover with 300ml boiling water, stir and let stand for half an hour. Then strain and drink half an hour before meals, three cups of freshly prepared tea per day.

Tea against bronchitis and asthma

Mix 100 grams of sweet flag, ground ivy, coltsfoot, and anise. Five tablespoon of this mixture pour 700 milliliters of boiling water. Let it rest for half an hour, filter and drink during the day.


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