By Putting This Mixture Under The Tongue Before Sleeping You’ll Never Get Up Tired Again

Nowadays, the amount of time we sleep has been reduced to 6 or 7 hours instead of 7 to 8 hours. A difference of one hour does not seem big, but it can affect the body extensively.
The body needs to rest and recharge during the night from the daily activities. Without the needed rest you will feel tired during the next day. Even the morning coffee will not help you to feel more energetic during the day if your body was not able to recover and recharge during the night.

Electronic devices and other disturbances

The technology of this modern world does not aid the good night’s sleep. If you use your phone before bed, you may have troubles sleeping. Even going to bed while under stress can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, we present you a recipe that will help you feel relaxed the next day.

This recipe will give you a good night’s sleep and it is simple since you only need 2 ingredients. It will help your body relax and recharge, and be prepared for the following day.

Needed ingredients:

1. 5 tsp. organic honey
2. 1 tsp. pink Himalayan salt


Mix the ingredients and store the mixture in a glass jar. You can use different amounts of these 2 ingredients, but these amounts are considered the best. Put a small amount of this mixture under your tongue before bed, let it to dissolve naturally and you will feel energized and relaxed the following day.



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