This Chinese Face Map Will Reveal Every Health Problem That You Have

The biggest organ in our body, the skin, can tell us that something is not right with our body by showing certain signs. The health issues that our body has can be seen on our face.
According to Chinese medical experts, all of the organs in the body are connected to a certain part of our face, and that part can tell us that something is wrong with a certain organ. Changes of skin color, rashes and pimples are all signs of problems with our internal organs.


Bladder and small intestine – forehead

Problem: slow digestion – usually caused by stress, fats, staying up late, processed foods, sugar and alcohol.

Solution: Avoid the above mentioned foods and alcohol. Sleep well and consume raw foods and a lot of water.

Liver – the area between the eyebrows

Problem: your stomach is not rested. The excessive working of the stomach is caused by eating a lot of meat and allergies to foods that you eat.

Solution: meditation, yoga, fast walking, fresh air and fresh foods can solve the liver issues.

Kidneys – eyebrow arch

Problem: kidney problems may be caused by a weak heart, smoking, bad circulation and alcohol consumption.

Solution: don’t be dehydrated. Avoid alcohol, sweetened drinks and caffeine, and drink a lot of water.

Heart – nose

Problem: both heart and high blood pressure may cause negative changes on the skin of your nose. These problems may be caused by bad circulation, closed rooms, swollen stomach, gasses and polluted air.

Solution: Exercise regularly. Cleanse your body from toxins with green tea. Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels regularly.

Lungs – upper part of the cheeks

Problem: the skin on your cheeks as well as the skin under your eyes may change if you have lung problems caused by smoking, asthma and pollution.

Solution: Exercise, avoid polluted air and stop smoking.

Kidneys and lungs – cheeks

Problem: sugars, bad food, smoking and stress are the cause behind these problems.

Solution: Improve your diet and the cosmetic products that you are using.

Stomach – chin and mouth

Problem: the changes of your skin around your chin and mouth are caused by stomach problems. The stomach problems may be caused by fatty and sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Solution: Improve your diet and start eating more fruits. Visit a doctor if the problem continues.

Hormones – neck and jaw

Problem: too much caffeine, spices and salty foods. Low amounts of water drank.

Solution: reduce the intake of caffeine, spices and salt, and increase the amounts of water that you drink.



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