This Is What Your Farts And Gases Tell About Your Health

Gases can tell a lot about your general health.
Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, almonds and cauliflowers are foods that can cause gases with uncomfortable smell. Furthermore, this kind of gases can be also caused by foods rich in sulfur such as meat and eggs. However, this does not mean that these kinds of food products should not be consumed.


The gut microbes get nutrients from the foods that cause gases. These microbes cannot survive in the gut if they don’t get enough carbohydrates.

An average person passes gases 14 times a day. Gases are a sign that the digestive tract is functioning well. It does not matter whether the gases are with an unpleasant smell or not. Gases are a mixture of the gas produced by the lower intestine bacteria and swallowed air.

However, gases don’t always mean that you are consuming healthy foods. Gases may also be a sign of lactose intolerance. If you have gases immediately after the consumptions of dairy products, your body cannot break down the lactose easily. Infections like gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome are often accompanied by frequent smelly gases.

If you pass more than 22 gases a day, you have consumed a product that pumps more air in the gut. This does not pose dangers to your health and it can be solved easily. Vegetarian diet, lot of coffee, foods that cannot be broken down easily by the intestines and lots of carbs can cause lots of gases. Consuming food quickly also causes excessive gas since lots of air is swallowed during eating.

Avoid foods rich in sulfur like pork and beef to prevent gases with extremely unpleasant smell. Replace these kinds of meat with chicken and fish, since these meats contain low amounts of sulfur.

Extra tips:

• Before swallowing your food, chew more. This helps your stomach and intestines to break down the food more easily.
• Fresh vegetables and fruits are natural laxatives, so consume them more. This will aid your bowel movement.
• To treat stomach problems consume sassafras, peppermint and garlic. These ingredients have been used for many years to treat stomach troubles.



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