He Put A Rose Into A Potato And Planted It That Way. 7 Days Later He Didn’t Believe What He Saw! (VIDEO)

You can learn this incredible trick today and be amazed by the outcome. It involves the growing of roses, you can plant a rose in a potato.


That’s right! You heard me well, it’s an amazing trick and here’s what you need:

  • A rose
  • Potato
  • A plastic bottle
  • Soil
  • A flowerpot

How To Do It

  • Take off the leaves of the rose stem and cut it at a 45 degree angle.
  • The rose stem should fit into the potato so you will have to drill a hole of about the size of the stem.
  • Ensure that the stem fits into the potato and it is firm and does not shake.
  • Put soil in the flowerpot, let it fill about 2/3 of the pots bottom.
  • Put the potato in the flowerpot.
  • Fill the rest of the flowerpot with soil to cover the potato and around the rose stem.
  • You now cover the rose stem with the plastic bottle which acts as a sort of mini-greenhouse to provide a comfortable environment for your rose to grow.

Try this trick today and you will be amazed with the results as your rose will grow rapidly.



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