Immediately STOP Eating This “Healthy” Food. It Can Cause Cancer And Brain Damage.

Nowadays, cancer is the commonest disease among people, so many people try to find healthier foods. Vegans/vegeterians often choose tofu as a healthy replacement for milk, eggs and meat.

However, eventhough soy is considered as the healthies option, it as found that it is better to consume milk, meat or eggs in moderation that to eat soy.


According to Dr. Daniel, a world-renowed doctor, soy beans processed on high temperatures and pressure, using different chemicals becomes tocix and cancerogenic.

People who regularly consume soy are at particular risk of the followins diseases:

  • Loss of immunity
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Risk of heart problems, stroke
  • Early puberty and hormonal disordes
  • Problems with the thyroid gland (resulting in fatigue, hair loss and weight, malaise)
  • Reproductive problems

FDA claimed in 1999 that soy can prevent heart disease, so that’s why Dr. Daniel together with a group of his expert colleagues has sent a petition asking them to revoke their claim.

It should be noted that mothers should feed their babies only with natural products and to avoid formulas, because they contain soy, thus they are exposed chemicals and hormones that act like estrogen, in concentration 6-11 higher than at adults consuming soy, and 13,000-22,000 higher than the natural estrogen in their blood. Consuming formulas is like they are taking 5 contraceptive pills a day.

A few more reasons why you should avoid soy:

– Causes chronic diseases, stomach problems, thyroid problems, blood clots

– It`s full of pesticides

– It disrupts the secretion of enzymes that process proteins, causing gastrological problems, lack of amino acids, pancreatic disorders, or even cancer

– Soy beans are mostly genetically modified

– It contains compounds that reduce or block the absorption of minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium)

Try to consume unrefined, fermented food that has not been processed and avoid all kinds of food that contain soy in it, such as soy milk, protein shakes, ice cream made of soy, energy bars, burgers, etc.

If you insist on using soy, it should be fermented soy products such as:

  • Nato-fermented soy beans, rich in vitamin k2, enzyme nattokinase that prevents blood clots and the useful bacteria bacillus subitilis.
  • Tempeh cheese- ith taste that resembles mushroom
  • Miso-spice from fermented soy mainly used for soup
  • Soy sauce- made from fermented enzymes, salt and soy beans


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