Although it may not be to your taste, because you’re used to drink it cold, drinking hot water has many benefits for your health, and the taste can be improved by adding some lemon.


Most of us start our mornings with a cup of hot tea or coffee, in order to warm up after waking up. However, when we drink water, we want it to be cold. If the trust ayurveda, we’re wrong when it comes to water.

The regular consumption of hot water, especially in the morning, has a beneficial effect on the body, so it stimulates digestion, and helps in the release of metabolic waste.

We give you six reasons why you should drink hot water:

It purifies the digestive organs

A cup of hot water in the morning can help you clean the body of toxins. Water and other liquids promote the breakdown of food in the stomach and keep the intestinal tract in place. Hot water dissolves food faster, and thus facilitates digestion. Consuming cold water during, or after meals, thickens fats in food and thus creates fat in the intestine. Fortunately, you can replace the cold water with hot, to support digestion, particularly after meals.

It helps in congestion

Sooner or later, each of us has these stomach problems, which arise due to poor bowel function. The cramps and bloating that then we feel are caused by lack of water in the body. One cup of hot water in the morning on an empty stomach surely encourages bowel movement, and helps the body to start functioning normally.

It relieves pain

It is believed that hot water is the most powerful natural medicine, and can alleviate the pain during the menstrual problems. The heat will relax the abdominal muscles and relieve you of cramps, which will soothe the pain. Hot water is good for all types of cramps, because it stimulates capillary circulation and thus relaxes the muscles.

It reduces extra weight

If you’re trying to lose some weight, you’ve probably already heard that a glass of warm water in the morning helps in losing weight. Warm water increases the body temperature and thereby speeds up the metabolism. This way, the body burns more calories. You will have a beneficial effect on the kidneys and all organs of excretion.

It improves circulation

Consuming hot water frees the body of toxins. This way, it also improves the circulation.

It stops aging

Premature aging is the nightmare of every woman, but this can be prevented by consuming hot water. The presence of toxins in the body accelerates aging, and since hot water frees the body of toxins, the aging process slows down, and the elasticity of the skin increases.


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