She Puts Vinegar Into The Back Of The Toilet. And When You Find Out Why… Wow!

I believe, there is no household cleaning chore that is more dreadful than cleaning the dirty bathroom. The bathroom is the perfect environment for bacteria and germs with the dirty mirror, hard water stains, grimy soap holders, soap scum, grimy toothbrush, and of course, the toilet bowl.

In the following video you can find some super-easy tips which can help you clean your bathroom quickly and easily without all those harsh chemicals. White vinegar is the perfect ingredient which is eco-friendly and is highly effective in killing bacteria, germs, mold and lime deposits.

 She-Puts-Vinegar-Into-The-Back-Of-The-Toilet.-And-When-You-Find-Out-Why…-Wow (1)

Here`s what you need to do:

Put some vinegar in the top bowl and let it act. Also, you can spray it and then wipe the rim of the toilet bowl. Next, take paper towel and dip it in vinegar. Stuff it on the inside rim and allow it to stay for several minutes. Then, spray the inside part of the bowl with vinegar and scrub it well, using a toilet scrub. Remove the toilet paper, scrub the inside grim using an old toothbrush, and flush the toilet.


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