4 Minutes A Day And Your Body Will Be Changed Forever

What would you do if we tell you that you can completely change your body and you only need 4 minutes? You may think that this is too good to be true right? Well this is an amazing 28-day Plank Challenge which will help you to see amazing results.

Plank Challenge

You will train your body slowly for strength and endurance. Remember that this is not a quick fix; this is slow and permanent progression for achieving extraordinary results.

Do you want to learn a little bit more about this challenge?

The Challenge

This challenge has to be completed in 4 weeks. At the beginning, you just have to start in a simple plank position for 20 seconds. This is easy, right? Then you will slowly build up the stamina and you will hold the plank for full 4 minutes. You just have to follow this simple plan:

Proper Plank

The secret for achieving amazing results hides in the proper position for planking. How to do it:

1. Your arms should be correctly positioned. The elbows should be right below your shoulders for even weight distribution.

2. Your spine needs to be straight. Do not round the spine and do not put unnecessary pressure on the back and neck.

3. Tighten the core in order to get the most out of your workout.

4. Your legs should be slightly spread. Be careful and see how your hips feel while you perform the exercise. You should not feel additional pressure to the hip area.

5. Breathe slowly, deliberate and completely engage your core. The body should be relaxed.

Why Planking?

You may wonder why this challenge is so good. In the end this exercise is very simple and it does not look like a complete body workout. However, it is completely opposite. We present you the amazing properties of planking.

1. Stomach Toning. As we said before, the plank engages your core, stabilizes you body and it you should maintain proper plank positions. During the entire workout the abs are engaged. During time, your muscles will tighten and tone and your stomach will look amazing.

2. Good posture. Our abs muscles are very important for maintaining a good posture and that is why it is good for your stability and balance. As the time passes by you will be get stronger and stronger.

3. Increases flexibility. One article said that the flexibility will improve during time as you work your shoulder and back muscles in the plank position.

Your shoulder blades will stretch and this promotes amazing range of motion.

We did not know that this simple challenge can help you to achieve such amazing results.

You can also watch the video below and learn how to do a proper plank. If you liked this article remember to share it with your friends and family.




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