Watch What Happens When You Eat 3 Eggs In One Week

We all eat eggs and they are part of our everyday diet. They contain many nutrients, but they are not used a lot. Eggs are super food and they have many health benefits. If you eat more eggs you will improve your health. In the yolk there is more than 90% of its iron and calcium. The white contains approximately half of its protein. In this article you will discover interesting facts about eggs and many reasons that can convince you to eat them more.


High-quality protein

Protein is the most important element in our diet. It is used for restoration of the old tissues. That is why eggs have high-quality protein. In its building blocks there are amino acids and the human body cannot naturally produce nine of them. All of these nine amino acids can be taken by eating eggs. Milk, eggs and meat proteins are complete proteins and they contain these vital amino acids. However eggs contain the most protein. One egg contains the same protein amount as 30 grams of cooked meat, fish or poultry.


When people are iron deficient they feel irritable, tired and they experience headaches. Iron is responsible for getting oxygen through the blood and it is essential for different body functions such as metabolism, immunity and energy. The most usable and absorbable iron in the foods is heme iron. You can find it in the yolk. It has larger amount of heme iron than the one that can be found in the supplements.

They do not increase blood cholesterol

They contain 210 mg. of cholesterol in the yolk and that is why they have such a bad reputation. You have to remember that food that contains a lot of fat, especially trans fatty acids and saturated fats can be more dangerous than foods that contain cholesterol.

Adequate nutrients

They contain a lot of nutrients and they are important for a healthy diet. In one study it was discovered that people who did not consume eggs had a lack of vitamins E, A and B12. That was not the case with people who consumed eggs.

The patients who consumed eggs had 10 to 20% more folic acid and 20 to 30% more vitamin E, A and B12 compared to patients who did not consume eggs.

Brain health

They contain a lot of choline which can improve brain development in newborn and fetuses. They can improve memory function. Pregnant women who eat one egg daily get 28% of the recommended choline dosage. This is very important nutrient during lactation and pregnancy.

Healthy bones

They are rare sources of vitamin D and they are very important for proper bone health. This is important vitamin for maximum bone health and better calcium absorption. Eggs along with dairy products can help in case of osteoporosis.

Better performance

They can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. They have many important vitamins, except vitamin C. One egg along with orange or lemon juice and one piece of whole-wheat bread is the breakfast for champions.

Prevent cataract and keep your eyes healthy

Eggs are full of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are very important when it comes to eye health. They can stop the high-energy and harmful wavelengths of light in our eyes and are very important for the entire life cycle.

You can prevent cataracts and retinal degeneration by consuming broccoli, spinach and eggs. These are the biggest reasons for blindness among older people.

Healthy hair and nails

Biochemical shortages and imbalances can cause nails and hair problems. Eggs can help you to keep them healthy, because they contain amino acids which are full of sulfur along with other important minerals and vitamins. Many people say that eating eggs helped them with hair growth.

Lose weight

Eggs are one of the best things that you can eat for breakfast. They will make you fell fuller for a longer period of time and they will stop food cravings. One study included two groups of people. The first group ate cream cheese, yoghurt and bagels for breakfast and the other ate jam, eggs and toast. Both groups consumed equal amount of kilojoules. The group that ate eggs reduced the intake of kilojoules by 29% and was fuller for a longer period of time.

One big egg contains 315 kilojoules. If you combine it vegetables, fruits and whole grains you will get a very cheap breakfast and also lose weight.


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