The health agency n U.S. announced that they will mix the human cells into the embryos of animals.


This study will have a lot of changes, and they knew that right before they even made the experiment.

Activists against human-animal hybrids believe it will lead to a complete destruction of the Earth’s species.

This led to a different animals problems which can cause different diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


In 2009, the NIH issued Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research. The Guidelines prohibited the use of human cells in the fusion of animals, as well as breeding of animals using human eggs or sperm cells. This was lauded by activists against human-animal hybrids.

The comments which were negative and they were given to the experts which did the experiments.

The people were against the government which allowed the experiments.


“Let’s say that we have pigs with human brains and they are wondering why we are doing experiments on them. What if we had human bodies with animal brains, and then you say, ‘Well they are not really humans, we can do experiments on them and harvest organs from them. I am coming up with extreme scenarios, but just making these chimeric embryos 15 or 20 years ago was considered an extreme scenario. It is just a road that we should not go down. We don’t have any laws in this country that would stop doing those things,” Newman declare.

The people which were near the experimental zone shall be moved because it may have another anomalies  which will get on sight with them.

Carrie also reveals that human cells to animals, are not new. She claims it has been used many times in the biomedical industry.

“Researchers have created and used animal models containing human cells for decades to gain valuable insights into human biology and disease development. For example, human tumor cells are routinely grown in mice to study cancer disease processes and to evaluate potential treatment strategies,” she declared in one statement.

No matter what they do the animas, the critics are always against them.

“If we want to do research on schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s and depression, we can’t readily do research on brain cells of humans with these diseases because we can’t open up the brains of people while they are alive. We need to be careful with human brain cells. What we don’t want is a mouse or a chimp that suddenly has human-like qualities, because morally that creates a number of problems,” Klitzman says.

Source: healthymotivator.com

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