This Will Happen To Your Body If You Put Butter In Your Coffee

This new trend of putting butter in your coffee will change the way your drink coffee. Many people put butter in their coffee instead of the regular cream and sugar. This is one of the best things that you can do for your health.
Butter had a bad reputation because in the past people did not understand the benefits of the saturated fats. But everything changes and nowadays many people use butter in small amounts and get the benefits and effects of this excellent spread.


Health benefits:

We all thought that butter was our enemy. However today everything is cleared up and people prefer butter instead of margarine – the real enemy. Here is a list why is that so:

1. Butter contains saturated fats which they increase the levels of the “good cholesterol”. This cholesterol lowers the chances of stroke and heart diseases and it is very important for brain development and proper functioning of the nervous system. The saturated fats may increase the “bad” cholesterol, but only for the large particles that are not connected with cardiovascular contractions.

2. The CLA that may be found in the butter is connected with reducing of the body fat mass in animals and humans.It is also found in many dairy and meat products. There are two researches that prove that the conjugated linoleic acid can help in reducing the body fat mass and help in treating diabetes type 2. The authors of the research claim that the CLA can help in maintaining the insulin resistance.

3. It contains vitamin A. It improves the vision, the functioning of the endocrine system and many other body functions. It is an antioxidant and fights against radical damage. Eat 28 grams of butter and you will get the 14% of the daily recommended intake. The daily limit of saturated fat should be less than 10% and if you are eating 2000 calorie diet you should not consume more than 22g. in a day.

4. Another fatty acid in butter is the butyrate. It is very important for proper functioning of the digestive system and fights against inflammation.

5. It is a source of stigmasterol. The stigmasterol protects you from calcification of the joints and can be used for preventing many types of cancer (breast, colon, prostate, ovarian).

6. Vitamin K and D and selenium can be found in the butter. All of them have a big influence over the metabolism. If you are selenium deficient, eat butter.

We all know that many diets do not support eating butter, but it is okay if you consume it in moderation. Buy organic butter from a farmer’s marker.

Coffee and its health benefits:

You should consider that coffee is a healthy beverage. Even though many people think that coffee can cause heart disease and cancer, many researches have proven the contrary. Coffee can be good for you.


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