After Seeing This, You’ll Never Throw Them Again

Many people think that the little bags that can be found in the boxes of our shoes are toxic and useless. But the truth is that they are not toxic. Inside they have substance that you should not consume, but you can use it around the house. The substance is called silicon dioxide, it is not toxic and it can dry anything near them. We provided you a few ways you can use them.

1. Gym bag

Their job is to absorb the extra moisture. They will protect your shoes. We all know that bacteria love in moist and wet places and these bags help in eliminating the germs and dampness out of your bag. They also help in eliminating the odor.

2. Towels

You can put a few of the silica bags in your toilet cabinet between your towels and you will get rid of the unpleasant smell.

3. Razors

Do not put your razor in the bath on a wet place. Put them in a plastic bag and put a few silica gel bags. They will last longer.

4. Phone

If your phone drops in water put it in a jar with silica gel bags. It is simple, you just have to fill a jar with the bags and put your phone inside.

5. Foggy windows in the car

We all know the problem with foggy car windows in the winter. The silica gel bag will do wonders for you. You do not have to wait the air-conditioner to do its job, since with old cars it can be a long process, you just put a few of them under the windshields form the inside. In the morning you will have clear windows. It will save you time and you will not have to deal with foggy windows anymore.

6. Old photos

Your favorite photos can get deteriorated with time and in order to protect them put a few bags in the box where you keep them and save your memories.

7. Make up

Always keep a few bags of silica gel in your make-up purse to protect your make-up and you will stop the make-up in powder from curdling.

Remember not to throw away the silica bags. Use them and if you discover another interesting way to do that let us know.


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