Together They Have 213 Years – He Has 108 And His Wife Is 105 Years Old, And They Celebrate Their 82 Anniversary

They have been together as a couple for nearly one generation. Jeanne turned 105 years in May and Duranord Veillard turned 109 years in February.
They got married in November 1932, when Franklin D. Roosevelt became president.

They did not think they would reach this age together. They are existing example of the couples who actually live their vows that were spoken on their wedding day. They really spent their lives together.

Jeanne and Duranord Veillard have 5 kids. After Duranord got fired in 1968, he received a visa to visit the USA. They moved in the USA in Spring Valley. He got a new job and worked as a lab technician at the Good Samaritan Hospital. He worked in this hospital for 10 years and in the end he retired. Nowadays, they live together with their daughter Marie Veillard.

Many people want to know their secret to long and ever-lasting happiness and love. Many people wonder how they stayed together for so long. He explains that God has a lot to do with it. They celebrated 82 years of marriage.

In the closest circle of their family, this year they celebrated their birthdays. Duranord is known as honorable and respected man. Vely Veillard, his son, 62, says that at the ceremony there was an interview and his father told the reporter that he is able to recall each and every detail of his life. He could talk about all of his memories.

His cake was frosted and had the number 108. At the birthday party, his wife sat next to him, holding his hand. The reporter asked how she met the love of her life. The answer was: on the street. The guests smiled because of the answer. According to their family, Jeanne and Duranord are the oldest couple in the entire region. They have 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Even today, Veillard wakes up every morning at 5 o’clock and he works out.

He does 5 or 7 pushups, he drinks one cup of tea, eats fresh fruit and oatmeal and his day begins. They mostly eat fresh vegetables and fish lunch and dinner. They go in bed early.

Most of the time, they stay at home, since they cannot move without help. They go out just for their regular doctor visit and they are both eager to enjoy in their life.


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