After You Read This You Will Definitely Start Putting Cabbage Leaves On Your Legs And Chest!

The leaves of cabbage are a magnet for many body diseases. The cabbage usage is wide, for example for treatment of specific conditions, like headaches, thyroid gland issues and other.

Almost everything we need is already in the nature and sometimes it is better to use these natural remedies than the formulated ones. Mostly, these natural remedies do not have bad side effects.

Cabbage is one of these natural medications. It is mostly found in plates of salad. But there are so many other uses of cabbage. It can be used for the treatment of some specific conditions. Its leaves can pull out the issues from the body like a magnet and they can be used in:

*Pain caused from breastfeeding

If women feel strong pain caused from breastfeeding, they should just put a cabbage leaves in the area and the pain will be surely eased. This procedure can be done in the day and night.
The leaves should be rinsed with cold water and the stem should be cut from the center of each leaf.
Try to fit them to your breasts but the nipples need to stay uncovered.  The leaves should be placed in your bra and let them for twenty minutes or until they become warm. You can repeat the procedure if you want to.

*Issues with the thyroid gland

This gland is very important in the organs function in the digestive system, the hormonal growth and the metabolism. If you want to bring back the normal function of the thyroid gland, put some cabbage leaves on the outside of the throat and cover the leaves with a bandage. Try to sleep with it, and in the morning, remove it.


Wrap the area with some fresh cabbage leaves, if you have swellings in your legs or arms. Dress the area with a bandage and for best results, try to sleep with it.


Place cabbage leaves in the upper part of the head and in your temples. Try to wear some kind of cap or hat so it can hold it in place.

Consult with your doctor regarding health conditions.



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