Their day started with a fun play at the park and as they were alone in that park, Amy Smith found a nice place to watch her daughter, but after a while the toddler went to the slide and climbed. Amy found it weird that she stayed there a little longer than usual, but as the tunnel slide is Amy’s daughter favorite part in the playground she wasn’t worried. That changed after a few moments when little Demi- Mai came out running and all in tears.

After that traumatizing Sunday morning in the tube she didn’t want to imagine going back in the tunnel. The thing was that when Amy looked behind her child’s back and saw that it was all covered in blood. Amy says that she found a broken glass on a portion of the slide that appeared to have been intentionally put there to harm any children. There’s still a scar on Demi-Mai’s little legs after taking her to the hospital.


The reason why Smith wants her story to go public is because she doesn’t want this to happen to anyone especially when it comes to the most loved ones in the family. She is frustrated of the person who did that, and because the parks are the places where their children should be care free, happy, playing and enjoying being kids. The culprit needs to be found and forced to ride down a broken glass infested slide.

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