In order to avoid bacteria on your intimate parts, you need to have special care. In the markets are offered different products, which some of them might by natural, and all others are chemicals.

With this products they guarantee you that you will eliminate the vaginal odor.

In addition we are going to present you several instructions which will help you maintain the hygiene and stay away from the vaginal odor.

  1. Mating: this is method which is practiced in pose sitting on a chair due smoking a bowl of tea from wormwood combined with other herbs. This presents Chinese method, and it will provide the steam to entire body. It will cleanse you, together with the intimate parts and will protect you from infections.
  2. Rinse: Most of the women population use gels for the intimate zone. They are filled with chemicals which will have harmful influence on you.

You need to clean only the surface of the vagina. do not forget the rule to always wipe from front to back when you use the toilet and to clean your intimate area using only hot water when you take a shower.

  1. Fragrant soaps and detergents: Soaps present common reason of irritation. They are made from chemicals which are irritating the genital area. You need to use only hot water while taking shower.

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