Almost 30 million people tan indoors in the US every year. This Is too much and as any other company, your indoor tanning company will tell you that there is nothing harmful with lying in the tanning bed, and it Is safer for your skin than being in the sun.  Unfortunately, tanning is a source of many health and skin diseases, and experts say that going out in the sun for 30 minutes more than lying in some tanning bed with no protection with fluorescent bulbs that release UVA and a smaller amount of UVB. They do this to mimic the effects of sunlight, resulting in a more natural looking tan. However, tanning beds damage your skin no matter where it’s from, UV radiation is dangerous for your skin, and the intensity of the radiation is 3 times more intense than natural sunlight.


This is a story of a 40- year-old woman who strongly believed in the effects of indoor tanning and she started this tradition of going in the beauty salon 22 years ago and continued with a purpose to keep her youthful look and glow. Her name is Trenner and she wants to share her story before she dies from terminal metastatic melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

“ I used to say I don’t care if I die from tanning, as long as I die tan, but that’s not my opinion anymore”

She had several cancers and she decided to stop fighting them, but she is still fighting to make others aware of the dangers of tanning beds in hope to avoid the same fate.

Although, the process of finding out about cancer, fighting it, finding out the reasons of it has been difficult and painful for Trenner, but she says that during that time she has mended her relationship with her parents and that’s a positive side.

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