Photograph That Broke The Hearts Of 7 Million People: You’ll Cry When You Find Out Why This Baby Is Smiling In Its Sleep

The photography of a three-week old baby that is smiling and it is surrounded by motorcycle gloves and a bike helmet, was seen more than 7 million times. It touched many not only because of the cute baby, but also because of the tragic story that is connected to the photo.


The father of little Aubrey, lost his life in May in Florida

Her father loved his motorcycle. He always wore safety gear. He did not want to risk his life because of his daughter. However, he will never hold his daughter in his arms. One month before she was born, his life was taken by a man who he considered to be his friend.

It is believed that when babies laugh in their sleep, they are talking to angels. It is probably true.
The professional photographer who took Aubrey’s picture is used to working with babies, but she considered this photo shoot as very difficult.

First, she mentally prepared herself for the shooting. The grandmother ordered the photo shoot. The granny was devastated. She wanted to use the motorcycling gear, as her son loved it. The photograph took the photo. It was good, but not brilliant. With the permission of the mother, the photographer shared the photo on the social media and it went viral.

The mother tries to dedicate her time to the baby and tries to reduce her sadness with tears and prayers.
An internet page was created to help the family that was destroyed even before it started living. The page describes how the father loved motorcycles and was excited about the changes that will come into his life with his little girl.

His fiancé also loved motorcycles and they even planned to take a family trip once Aubrey was old enough.

In May, the father was shot by another member of his motorcycling crew after an argument occurred.


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