CAUTION: Child Loses 75% Of Vision Because Of This Common, Small Toy In Every House

Australian optometrists have lately came up with a warning to every parent in Australia that the laser pointers aren’t recommended for their kids. They can cause a lot of damage.

Ben Armitage, an optometrist from Hobart had a case of vision problem in a 14-year old boy who had his eyes damaged with a laser pen. The boy pointed the laser pen directly into his eyes for short period of time. This resulted with loss of 75% of its vision!

Armitage states that the laser pen burned the retina, particularly the back side of the boy’s eyes, close to the macular area. Macular is responsible for detailed vision, which only boosted the final impact on the boy’s vision.

The boy didn’t report any pain, just the opposite, it stated that it was painless and nothing unusual happened in the moment. Armitage said that once the swelling diminishes, the boy can retain some of the vision back.

The worst thing is that this is unsolvable problem, even if the boy wears glasses.

The laser burned some spots which mean that the boy will not have vision in the future.

Imagine your eyes are a camera and the macula is the camera’s sensor which is now damaged. The vision in these areas will never be good, no matter of the lens’ quality. The same thing happens with our eyes.

In the boy’s case, the central vision was mostly damaged and this area is responsible for the focus, allowing us to drive, read and analyze. The central vision cannot be corrected with glasses or surgeries.

Do not allow your kids to play with laser pens because they are very dangerous!

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