We all know how food is eaten, but guess what? There are some easier tricks you can use to eat these foods. Let’s see.

  • Tacos – each time we eat it, the filling spills out, but no worries, there is a hack. Wrap it around with a leaf of lettuce and enjoy your taco.
  • Oreo – dipping it in a glass of milk can involve dipping your fingers in it sometimes. If you don’t want things to get messy, then dip it with a fork.
  • Strawberries – use a straw to remove the stem.
  • Hotdogs – cut it like this so that it can cook faster and be easier to eat.
  • Eggs – use a circle cut from paprika.
  • Lemons – you’ll be able to extract the maximum of the juice.
  • Popsicles – this is really good to some extent.
  • Toblerone – see how to do this!
  • French toast – to get a crispy toast, layer it with cereals.
  • What to do with the box – make it a plate.
  • Cupcakes – isn’t this amazing!
  • Banana – open it from the opposite end.
  • Soda – drink your soda by putting the straw through the tab to keep it escaping your drink.


Source: wittyfeed.com

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