Detect Which Body Organ Has Certain Issues and How to Cure It, According to Chinese Face Map!

Chinese healers have been analyzing faces to find out and diagnose all types of diseases for thousands of years. Since facial skin is sensitive, it can reflect internal changes more quickly than any other body parts.

According to this Chinese medicine, each facial area is related to specific body organs, so if you experience any imbalance, it manifests on your face. Specifically, the most common symptoms that could occur are skin’s color changes, rashes, and pimples.


Forehead: Small intestine and bladder issues

Culprit: Eating excessive amounts of fats, sugar, and canned food as well as excessive alcohol intake, stress and night life can result in slow digestion.

Cure: Avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, eat raw foods, and try to have a better night’s sleep.

The area between the eyebrows: Liver problems

Culprit: When eating a lot of meat and if you are allergic to some foods, your stomach may get tired as a result of working too much.

Cure: Include more and more healthy and fresh foods in your daily diet, practice yoga, mediation, or any other useful exercises and expose yourself to fresh air.

Eyebrow arch: Kidney issues

Culprit: Too much smoking, alcohol consumption, weakened heart, and poor blood circulation.

Cure: Consume a lot of water, lower the caffeine consumption and avoid drinking alcohol and sweetened drinks.

Nose: Heart problems

Culprit: Closed space, polluted air, gasses, poor circulation, hypertension and bloated stomach can contribute to problems in this part of the face.

Cure: Exercise a lot, check the cholesterol level and control the blood pressure. Also, consume organic green tea to remove the toxins from your body.

Upper part of the cheeks: Lung issues

Culprit: Asthma, pollution, and smoking. In addition, there is a great chance of dark circles around the eyes.

Cure: It is recommended to not expose yourself on cigarette smoke or polluted air. If you are a smoker, give smoking up as soon as possible. Plus, you should start practicing some additional physical activities or exercises during the day.

Cheeks: Kidney and lung problems

Culprit: Consumption of sugar and unhealthy foods, stress, and smoking.

Cure: Exclude all the unhealthy food from your diet and purchase only cosmetics with high quality.

Chin and mouth: Stomach Issues

Culprit: Food high in sugar, fat, and stimulants like alcohol and caffeine. Furthermore, while consuming spiced foods, this facial area is most affected. Additionally, stress and staying up deep in the night can also lead to such imbalance.

Cure: Include food that can balance your organism, for instance eat large amounts of fruits. But, visit your doctor in case these problems do not go away. 

Neck and jaw: Hormonal issues

Culprit: Excessive intake of season food, salt, caffeine and small water consumption.

Cure: Lower your caffeine, seasons, and salt consumption. Consume huge amounts of water on a daily basis.

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