AMAZING : Your Little Finger Reveals What a Person You Are !

As strange as it may seem, according to some ancient reading techniques our little fingers can say a lot about our character. Today’s article is based off a South Korean method and it will teach you how to tell a lot about a person just by looking at their little finger.

The key factors for finger reading are shape and length.

  1. Short finger

A short finger is considered a finger that cannot reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. People with a short finger are considered reserved and shy and often afraid to follow their dreams. However they are the type of people that if they dare to do something, they will achieve it thanks to their big heart.

  1. Normal finger

The normal finger is the finger that reaches to the joint of the ring finger. People with a normal finger have a mature and balanced personality and are usually considered cold. However inside they are warm and rich with inner life.

  1. Long finger

The long finger reaches the first joint of the ring finger. People with a long finger are passionate, charming, charismatic and enthusiastic. They often seek attention and people feel happy in their presence. They are also usually talented people however they need to work hard to prove themselves to others.

  1. Same as the ring finger

People with almost equal little and ring fingers are free, power-hungry and ambitious and usually end up taking a toll in politics or become celebrities, directors and influential people. They have lots of hidden potential however they can create large problematic issues as well.

  1. Low positioned

The low positioned little finger is lower than the root of the other fingers. These kinds of people live in a dream world and are very ambitious have many plans and are big dreamers.

  1. Square shape

Square-shaped fingers are the ones where the first joint of the finger is reminiscent of a rectangle and its tip is flat. People with square-shaped little fingers have rare qualities and trades and are usually honest. They find it hard to be friends with people since they are too sensitive and offensive. They are also incredible leaders.

  1. Spiky

The people with a spiky finger have a pointy tip and they are usually known for their incredible public performances and good writing skills as well as diplomatic skills. They easily learn new languages and are good problem solvers.

  1. Curved

A curved finger is usually when the finger is bent towards the other toes. People with this type of finger usually have problems with confrontation, and don’t like conflict. They are peacemakers.


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