People use Google Earth for various things; one of them is searching for places. But, have you noticed that some places on Google Earth are completely of limits for the society? All around the planet Earth, there are ‘secret bases’ that are not edited and are blacked out with intention to hide whatever is there.

Many people would like to find out what are those places. Maybe they are top secret military bases that belong to different governments around the globe. But, what if those places are much more than military bases? What actually is Google trying to hide?

Some places including Area 51 are not covered on Google. Some individuals are wondering if is possible that there are secret facilities that are even more secretive than the famous Area 51? Well, there are many other interesting questions: what if these ‘secret bases’ actually do not belong to any government? What if some of these bases do not belong to our – human race?

Below you can watch one interesting video, posted on YouTube that shows five top secret locations. Namely, these locations have been edited and blacked out in order to cover up and hide something that is there.

But, what could be going on at these sites? What is so much important so Google decided to hide it from the general public?

We can conclude that our world and society are much more complicated that we can even imagine.

The governments around the world have done great job to keep some things away from prying eyes and society. Many of you would agree that many governments around the globe have one thing in common: they all agree that there are “some things” that society or more precisely the ordinary people, should not know about.

Whether are secret technologies, aliens, some lost ancient structures with inexplicable powers, or simply they are mistakes in satellite images?

What do you think? What are these mysterious locations are? Is there something that they are trying to hide? There are many questions and just few answers when it comes to places such these.

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