7 Minutes Plank Challenge

If you still think what kind of abs workout program to start to practice, but actually you don’t want to do any ab crunch or abdominal thrust exercise, here’s a simple way to increase the endurance of the core muscles that will be the basis for more complex abdominal exercises.

The best way to make an appropriate introduction or base for some difficult exercise is to strengthen the whole core to prevent any damage.

Plank (abdominal bridge) is one of the best exercises that strengthens the deep core muscles. With this exercise, you do not perform the movement, but hold a certain position of the body, although there are some modifications which involved movement. Basically, it is a static exercise that activates muscles of the arms, chest, back, and buttocks, which is the basis for better durability of the whole musculature of the core. Plank exercise does not require equipment.

The dosage can vary, but the optimum is to do 3-6 series. Each series should last from 20 to 60 seconds, for beginners. As you will progress and adapt, you can to increase the number of series or time.

When you feel ready, you can try this 7 minutes plank challenge!

Watch the following video and learn how to do that!

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