Pregnancy is a beautiful moment and we do not want anything spoiling it for us. Every womendreams of being a mom and this period prepares her for the endless nights and days that she will spend caring and worrying about the kids. Mothers obviously want only the best for their kids and do not want anything to harm their kids. But sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly would be mothers, during their pregnancy either fall for bad habits or keep living the same lifestyle she was living before she conceived.

It is very important to note and understand here that everything you do, no matter how small, affects the tiny human being inside you. His growth and development is dependent on what all you do during those 9 months. Here is a list of 12 such habits that you should completely stop doing if you are expecting

Eating food while Being Distracted

So if you are in a habit of watching TV, checking your phone or your laptop while eating, chances are you will continue doing so even when you have a kid and are trying to breastfeed him.Breastfeeding a baby while being distracted can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to choking or developing an ear infection because of incorrect position.

You miss on this bonding time and will miss the signals too, when the baby is full. Eating while being distracted also leads to obesity as you miss on the signals of your brain too which tells you when you are full.

Not Keeping a check on weight during pregnancy

It is very important that you keep a check on your weight when pregnant. It is high time pregnant women stop eating for two because that is just an old wives tale. Studies show that when pregnant you need to eat roughly 530 calories more.

This of course is a rough figure but eating lesser calories than this can lead to you not gaining proper and required weight which can in turn lead to still birth and birth defects in babies. Gaining more weight can lead to obesity in mom and new born and can in turn lead to lifelong diseases.


This of course is no rocket science but studies show that almost 33% of moms –to- be smoke and keep smoking while pregnant. Enough stress cannot be put on the fact that it is very harmful for the baby. It can damage the baby’s lungs and create a lot of complications during the time of birth. The harmful effects of cigarettes can create havoc for the baby’s physical and mental growth.

Drinking and Drugs

Again, this is something that we probably should not feel the need to tell the moms but sadly, there seems to be lot of confusion about this and women still like to have drinks while carrying. Drinking wine while pregnant can cause miscarriage or premature births.

Do not have these even in small numbers because this can cause severe damage to the baby’s nervous system. Also if you are trying to conceive, avoid drinks and drugs completely as this only lowers your chances of conceiving.

Not sleeping enough

Let us face it, pregnancy can be exhausting too. Hence, sleeping properly is very important for the moms to be and the baby’s well being. You need to sleep for good 8-10 hours to cope up with the pregnancy stress. Anything less will only lead to high blood pressure problems and dizzy spells.

So rest all you can, especially when you are big and in last trimester. Sleep in proper posture and let the baby grow in peaceful conditions. Darken the room and lie on your left side with pillow between your legs for maximum support.

Eating too much junk food

It is natural to have cravings. You might want to eat food high in sugar or carbs, but eating them too often can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and high sugar. Junk foods are generally high on sugar, carbs and have very limited nutrition. This is good for neither the baby nor the mother.

This can also result in baby being overweight and can create complications during the time of delivery. According to a study pregnant women who have eaten lot of high- fat and high-sugar will have babies who are fond of junk food at a later period in life.

Taking too much tea or coffee

Studies show that having too much caffeine while pregnant can lead to undersized, under nourished or premature babies. Drinking too much tea or coffee can also increase the chances of miscarriage. Check carefully and you will find warnings on few caffeinated drinks saying that it is not suitable for pregnant women. Please do not ignore. Not just hot drinks but cold drinks too can be high on caffeine and can be equally damaging.

Exercising too much or not at all

It is very important that you remain active throughout your pregnancy. Not working out at all can be damaging in sense that it can create complications with delivery. Remain active and that means you could take a walk every evening too. However, working out too much ignoring your doctors’ advice can be harmful.

If you have been working out heavily in gym before you conceived, by all means continue but do not over tdo. Certain jumping exercises or lifting very heavy weights should be crossed off from your fitness regime these 9 months.

Not dealing with Stress correctly

While pregnant, your hormones can create havoc inside your body. And the baby’s body too. It is very natural to feel stressed and sometimes depressed too while pregnant but it is very important that you deal with it properly. Talk to someone close and experienced and keep your doctor informed.

Engage yourself in activities you like and try and keep yourself happy. Although, this can be easier said than done, however you need to address the stress correctly for the well being of your baby. A stressful pregnancy is the most harmful thing you can imagine for the fetus.

Taking too much sugar

Beware if you are craving everything sweet while pregnant. It can be signaling to something serious. Eating sweet things is okay but giving in to the cravings every time can be damaging to the fetus. Too much calories will result in weight gain and we have discussed what all complications weight gain brings with the pregnancy. Try and eat natural sources of water like fruits etc, also you can have jiggery instead of processed sugar. Avoid sugar in tea or coffee and wherever you can.

Avoiding doctor visits

Feeling lazy is okay but avoiding doctor’s visit can be extremely dangerous. Even if you have been feeling okay and might think that it is okay if you skip the doctor’s visit just this one time but the fact is that by doing this you are only inviting trouble. A doctor will know what symptoms to look for, the weight gain of you or the baby and also, by doing regular scans, you will be aware of any complications on the way which can then be treated on time.

Going for long Journeys

Avoid long travels at all cost. Keeping your feet hanging can lead them to swell up. Long travels might also mean being on road for long duration where you might not have proper access to the doctors. So avoid long travels as much as possible. This can be uncomfortable for your back also.

Pregnancy is a very important phase in a woman’s life, and it is important that she takes care of herself and the fetus at this time and does not do anything negligently which might be harmful for the mother as well as for the baby.

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