There has been a research that discovered that men who consume 2 strips of bacon or one sausage link a day have 19% higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer that the men who don’t.

Pancreatic cancers kills more people than any other cancers because there are no early tests.

74% of the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer pass away within a year of the diagnose and only 7% of them live more than 5 years.

A new research that was published in BMC Medicine has been working on disease rates of groups who ate poultry, red meat and processed meat.
The researcher established a connection between the consumption of processed meat and cardiovascular disease and cancer. As a conclusion they said that processed meat is connected to mortality rates and that 3.3% of the deaths wouldn’t have happened if less than 20gr. of processed meat was being eaten every day.

The main factor are the nitrates that are added to the meat so that it gets red color.

Many studies have linked nitrates to cancer for a long time and this conclusion that bacon and other processed meats cause cancer is very important.

In order to reduce the risk of this type of cancer we only need to watch what we eat. Consuming processed bacon moderately can be crucial to leading a healthy life.

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