If you live someplace in the lowlands, we have actually bad news for you because– no matter if you’re in a town/city or in the village in relation to our cousins who reside in the mountains– you have a much higher danger to get lung cancer.

Besides smoking, smog, genes or the working life spent in a mine, among the reasons that people in particular locations more typical acquire lung cancer is think it or not– the air that they breathe!

The thing is that it’s not all the same on which elevation above water level you live. In the lowlands, the air is thicker and that suggests richer in oxygen, which besides its benefits is hazardous to our organism, writes “Telegraph”.

It’s simply that the oxygen is a very unusual component. Each time we eat, our body uses it to change food into energy. However, oxidation is a metabolic procedure which releases lots of so called free radicals, which are incredibly carcinogenic.

These really reactive atoms are capable to make a genuine turmoil into our organism, damage our DNA and in time, mutate our cells– and there’s cancer. Whereas lungs as breathing organs are very first impacted by oxygen, they are the most susceptible to obtaining cancer.

Although this sounds scary it is still a natural procedure someplace. Still, if you desire to reduce the risk to acquire lung cancer, move to a greater elevation above the water level. It’s best to relocate the mountains since the air is thinner and your lungs not just spread more and work in a different way, but they likewise have less harmful oxygen with which they have to battle.

American researchers have actually performed a substantial research study and calculated that on every 1000 meters of elevation above the water level, the number of people who get lung cancer decreases multiple times.

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