Whenever there’s something wrong with your body, be it a disease or some potentially life-threatening condition, your body starts sending signals which could save your life. You have to be able to interpret those signals and act accordingly because your condition can develop into something more serious. In this post you can read how your navel or belly button can signal if there’s something wrong and what to do about it. Take a look at your belly button and find out what form is your.


Belly Button Protruded, like a Button

Is your navel protruded like a button? If it is then you have to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t grow any bigger in size. Sometimes after lifting something heavy it may be more noticeable than usual, but if the situation doesn’t return to normal it may be the first sign of hernia.

Small Bump Shape
People whose navel is small and bumpy are more prone to flu and viruses.

Almond shaped belly button

People whose belly button is almond shaped suffer from severe migraines and pain in the muscles and bones. It could also be a sign of brittle bones.
Tucked Navel

If your navel is tucked it it’s an indication of digestive problems. Furthermore, people who have this form of belly button are overweight and could suffer from depression.
U-shaped bulge navel

This navel form is usually indicative of skin problems and kidney disease. Besides, it could be linked to birth defects.
Warning: Does your belly button hurt? Do you see redness, swelling, or discharge? Then it may time to check on with a doctor. You could have a belly button infection.

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