After This Stunning Discovery The Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle Might Have Been Solved At Last

Is it probable that this recent amazing discovery is going to solve at last the mysterious enigmatic area which is known as the Bermuda Triangle?

Namely, the Bermuda triangle, or familiar as the Devil’s Triangle, is an area located western of the North Atlantic Ocean and this area is being defined by points in Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Namely this mysterious bound draws out to nearly 1000 miles on each side. The existence of the Bermuda triangle is not related to the US Navy and its name is not familiar on the Geographic Names by the US Board.

However, how do airplanes and ships disappear with no any trace of them? Why navigation equipment and aeronautical equipment do not work properly? What causes the radio signal to go down and to make it impossible for communication? However, no logical answer has been made to this mysterious Bermuda triangle until now.

This enigmatic area on the planet is mainly associated with other several hotspots and areas of interest from all over the world. The so-called Bermuda Triangle leys on the 27th north parallel and make a line with both Himalayas and the Pyramids of Giza.

One of the first people who have already witnessed the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus, who as an experienced navigator and respected sailor, made precise and very accurate sailing to the New World.

Especially interesting is the fact that Columbus reached an area known as the Bermuda Triangle, recorded having some compass problems and noticed a fireball falling in the Atlantic Ocean.

Years ago, as we all know, this area is one of the most enigmatic places on the planet, making frightened everybody who has been challenged enough to travel across it. However, today the answer to the question why this enigmatic area has forced so many aircrafts and ships to fall is finally given. Concerning the reports, today, scientists are nearer to the solution of solving this life-long mystery after discovering several craters away the coast of Norway, which they think can give the possible solution of the Bermuda triangle.

According to the scientists, a crater, which is nearly 150 deep, found in the Barents Sea, was formed by creating methane and then blasting under the seabed. After this discovery, scientists think that this same phenomenon could be the response for the abnormal disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Some researchers, who come from the Arctic University in Norway, announced to the ‘Sunday Times’ that:

In the West – central Barents Sea, there are several enormous craters on the seabed, which may be the reason for great blowouts of gas. Namely, this crater area may represent one of the hotspots for the discharge of the marine methane in the Arctic.

At the same tome while these scientists have claimed that this type of phenomenon may be the reason for the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, new evidence appeared in another area which has shown that researchers are close to solve what is the cause of the abnormal phenomenon among Puerto Rico, Bermudas and Florida. What should be done next is to check if the sea bubbles are so mighty that they can be the reason why ships sink.

A lot of previous studies have claimed that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle can be found in space. The measurements of the satellite have shown that the Van Allen belt, or earth inner radiation belt that represents a layer of energetic particles, locates nearly to the surface of the our planet, exactly over the Bermuda Triangle. Some scientists believe that the presence and the variations of the inner radiation belt in this place can lead to several mysteries that have been linked to this area, as well as the disappearance of the aircrafts and ships and the enigmatic phenomenon of the weather.

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