The most famous underwear today are definitely the thongs. However you should know that the manufacturers hide from us that they are extremely dangerous for your bodies.

Many gynecologists claim that this type of underwear is a real bacterial bomb. According to a research at Columbia University, thongs significantly facilitate the penetration of bacteria through your intimate areas.

The girls known well that the strip easily moves from front to the back and thereby transferring the bacteria to the vagina and the bladder, which in such cases can easily become infected.

If such infections occurred to you before, then you need to immediately stop to wearing thongs or replace them with ordinary underwear until the infection is gone.

Another risk factor, according to Dr. Lei Milhayser, professor at Stanford, is that thongs are too small and that they may cause skin infections.

In addition to these risks, you need to know that the material form which the underwear is made is crucial. Namely synthetics and plastic coated materials can lead to sweating in the genital area creating an ideal place for bacteria.You might help someone in need, so don’t forget to share this with your friends and family on Facebook!

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