11 Signs Someone’s A Cheater (Good To Know)

  1. New lingo

Have they suddenly picked up a bunch of phrases and expressions that you’ve never heard? New viewpoints or opinions that seem foreign to you? It can happen when you spend a lot of time with new people and new personalities. You unknowingly start to mimic them.

  1. The guilt and nerves start getting to them

Look for changes in their behaviour. Guilt can eat away at people and result in physical symptoms. This can be anything from not eating as much, insomnia, or feeling depressed.

  1. They suddenly have a busy social life

Are you having trouble scheduling a time to be together? Does it seem like they always have unbreakable plans with somebody that’s not you? Or your plans fall apart at the last minute? These are all signs that their social calendar is being booked up by someone they don’t want you to meet.

  1. Wanting to know when you’ll be home

Suddenly keeping track of your whereabouts becomes very important to them. If someone’s cheating, time management is key, so they’ll want to know where you are and how long you’ll be out. Maybe they’ll get a chance to sneak away for a moment?

  1. Not going to bed at the same time anymore

They claim they have to stay up late to get some work done. Or they’re just going to play a game on the computer. Or watch a movie on Netflix. No matter the story, it could just be an excuse to have private time on their phone or computer without your eyes watching over them. They might even spend the night on the couch.

  1. New smells

Is your partner suddenly wearing a new scent? If they’ve been using the same perfume or cologne for years, this could be a big tell. Chances are, the new person in their life has told them what scent they like, so they made a change.

  1. They won’t watch movies or TV shows about affairs

Go ahead — try and get them to watch Fatal Attraction with you and watch their reaction. Do they flat-out refuse? Do they squirm in their seat the whole time? If they look super uncomfortable it could be a sign.

  1. They disappear for long periods of time

This one is more obvious, but some people are good at explaining things away. Did they say they were at the mall for two hours, just wandering by themselves? Or just felt like a quiet drink on their own?  Whatever the excuse, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to fact-check their story.

  1. Changing everyday routines and rituals

Most people are creatures of habit, so when a longtime pattern gets broken you should pay attention. It could be a sign they’re rearranging their life to make room for somebody new.

  1. Paying more attention to their appearance

Notice a lot of new clothes or a drastic change of hairstyle? Are they spending more time than usual on their personal hygiene and grooming? Maybe they’ve suddenly decided to work out more and get into better shape? All signs of trying to please someone new.

  1. More interest in sex?

A new love interest can often rev up someone’s sex drive. Plus it’s an easy way to explain why they bought so many condoms or started taking birth control pills again.

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