Ketogenic diet is use by millions of people around the world. It is a key to solving a numerous problems such as obesity. It changes the metabolic engine of the body from burning carbohydrates to burning fats like grass-pasture buttes, coconut oil and organic pastured eggs, raw nuts like macadamia nuts and pecans and avocado. The amount of crabs is minimal and thereby the body burns fats for energy. That is the reason why there is little sugar in our system and it blocks the body from using fat in favor of burning sugar. Throughout this state the body produces ketone bodies, which are made from fats that are processed in the liver.

Ketogenic Diet and Its Health Benefits

-Weight Loss

This diet is the best way for losing extra weight. With it our dietary carbs are very low, the consumption of far is increased, the protein is moderate and it leads to a situation then our body rely on fats as main source of energy and to use the stored fat so as to create ketone bodies.

-Fights Cancer

Cancer cells feed on sugar. In essence, sugar promotes cancer growth. Thereby, a diet which eliminates sugar and other carbs is effective in fighting cancer. The normal cells in the body can use fat as energy source. On the other hand, cancer cells are not able to use fat.

There was a review which was published in Redox Biology. In this review, Dr. Eugene Fine states that ketone bodies change the availability of energy processes in cancerous cells and by doing this they stop cancer. There are promising results for prostate, gastric, and colon cancer. Moreover, another preliminary paper was brought out from the team of Dr. Fine and the data from this paper demonstrates that a diet which is insulin inhibiting is feasible and safe in certain patients with advanced cancer.

-Protects the Brain

This diet has also been related with helping a number of other neurological disorders. According to a research which was published in Behavioral Pharmacology, ketogenic diet can be really effective in decreasing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Furthermore, according to certain studies, ketogenic diet is very effective for autism. There was an article which stated that autism shares certain characteristics with epilepsy and a number of autistic people have seizures which are linked to over-excitement of the cells of the brain. According to a research, a number of autistic children showed improvements after being on a ketogenic diet foe six months.

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