Whole Life You are Cleaning Your Butt Wrong: Change the Habit Before it’s Too Late, Here’s How!

We’ve come a long way as a civilization and as time passes by we evolve, change, advance in every possible field. This is especially true when it comes to personal hygiene and we feel like everything we do in that respect is perfect. We’d never go back to how things were let’s say 100-200 years ago, when people didn’t even had toilet paper, but when it comes to maintaining your behind in mint condition somewhere along the road we got things wrong.Going to the bathroom for number 2 is nothing complicated, right? We all have bathrooms, we all buy fine three-layered toilet paper, we wipe, we flush, we wash our hands and go about the rest of our day. This is how civilized people do it and that’s how we were taught to do it since we were little children. However, some steps in this process may not be so recommended and we might be doing something wrong. Can you guess what’s wrong in this process?

Well, we know that when we go to the toilet for number 2 we should wipe our butt from the bottom up and avoid transferring the bacteria from the feces to our private parts up front. We know that we should wipe and wipe until there’s nothing more but plain white toilet paper. But how can you be sure you got everything? Sometimes no matter how thorough you think you are, the naked eye doesn’t see it all, and a look through the microscope may tell a different story. You should know that wiping your behind with toilet paper is completely wrong because when you do it you just smear the feces all around. The proper way to do it is to wash your butt after you’re done with water, and people have found the solution for this many years ago, we’ve just stopped using it. You can’t hop in the shower every time you go to the toilet but you can install a bidet which serves this purpose alone. Very few people have it these days but its benefits are beyond words. You’ll not only maintain proper hygiene but you’ll also be saving the planet. The United States use over 35 billion rolls of toilet paper every year and their production requires 1.7 trillion liters of water and 250 tons of chlorine, can you imagine? All that water just for a piece of paper to wipe your butt. Stop wasting the water reserves, protect your behind and install a bidet in your toilet!

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