Many of you would agree that besides one of the best pastimes in the world, there is hardly anything that contributes to a better mood or offers more fun.

Well, we are talking about sex. According to some experts, importance of a healthy and regular sex life very often is underestimated. In today’s article we are going to present you 8 great reasons why you should not disregard your sexual life. This is what is happening to your body when you stop having sex:

You get sick more often

It you haven’t sex for some really long time, your immune system substantially will become weaker. That means that the germs will have an easier job of spreading in your body and you can get the flu or catch a cold much more easily. Therefore in order to stay healthy – have more sex!

Your stress levels increase

Sex is a great way to reduce the stress levels. With regular sex you can reduce the amount of stress hormones and you will feel more relaxed. Be aware that you could become a ticking time bomb without this important balance.

It’s harder for getting aroused

It’s difficult to become aroused it you don’t have sex regularly. Namely, males may experience problems with having erections, while females harder will have an orgasm.

Your dreams change

When the sex life is suffering, many people suddenly notice that they have strange dreams. In other words you unexpectedly can start dreaming about sex or have orgasms while you are sleeping.

You lose the desire to have sex

If you’re having a prolonged dry spell in sexual sense, than production of sex hormones also is reduced. Namely, you do not feel the need to have sex as you have been abstinent for some period of time. Moreover, your libido will feel different and that is due to the fact that sex hormones slowly are vanishing.

You’ll feel more distance between your partner and yourself

When the partners rarely sleep together, their interpersonal distance becomes really huge. There is possibility to start having some feelings of uncertainty related to your partner and other people may seem more attractive to you.

It lowers the self-worth feeling

Studies have proved that if the individual does not regularly feel desired, that person’s self-worth is harmed. Moreover, the lack of sex is affecting a person’s well-being, and that furthermore leads to depression and sadness if sex is not present. It is interesting to mention that many separate studies have proved that regular sex helps in fight against depression. It also works as antidepressant.

Your risk of cancer increases

If men don’t have sex for some long period of time, the risk of prostate cancer increases. That means, it is not bad idea for men to “flush out” the pipes. Thus the risk substantially is reduced.

Well, there are too many reasons why you should make love more regularly, right?


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