Be Careful: Because Of One Terrible Habit, This Woman Will Live The Rest Of Her Life With A Big Scar On Her Face!

Lorrie Henderson (40) began practicing solarium treatments at a very young age since she wanted to have a darker complexion. She visited a solarium for the first time when she was only 13, and she never applied sunscreen when she sunbathed. Moreover, she never paid much attention on skin protection, since she thought that nothing bad can happen.

However, she had almost paid for these habits with her life. “After sunbathing at a beach, I maintained the dark complexion with solarium treatments, until the moment I noticed a spot on my cheek that grew more and more. At first I thought that it would go away on its own and that the sunrays would only contribute to its fading”, said Lorrie for the Daily Mail. After a period, when she saw that the spot was not going to disappear on its own, she decided to consult her physician. As soon as the doctor examined her, she was diagnosed with cancer.

“I think that there are not real warnings that people can comprehend. The claim that the sun is dangerous is quite abstract, so there is a need for the reality that people will be able to witness with their own eyes”- this is how she explained her reasons for posting the photo on Facebook

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