Here Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Press These Points On Your Ear Every Day

This is an ingenious way to effectively get rid of all the discomfort in your body. See what each of these points can do for you

  1. Shoulders and back

This point of the ear is connected to the back and the shoulders. Now for this treatment you need to take a clothespin and keep it on this point for 60 seconds. This way you will get rid of all the tension and will reduce the pain. For even better results, you need to repeat this procedure several times a day.

  1. Organs

This point is linked to all organs in the body. Therefore you can improve and ease the work of your organs by gently massaging this point with your fingers.

  1. Joints

The upper central part of the ear belongs to the joints. If you feel pain in your joints, feet or hands, this point is salvation. However if you have chronic pain, you must visit your doctor.

  1. Sinuses and throat

This part of the ear is connected to the sinuses and the throat. When it’s cold or it comes to sinus infections, clothespin will do the miracle. Namely take a clothespin and keep it on this point for 60 seconds and you will feel and immediate relief.

  1. Digestion

Just above the earlobe is a point that is connected to digestion. You also need to know that abdominal pain or cramps could be reduced or even completely eliminated by massaging this point.

  1. Head and heart

Massaging this point or using a clothespin can help you reduce headache or heart problems.

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