This man’s happiest day was the worst for this woman. After 3 years she breaks into tears

Richard Norris from Virginia was just 22 when his life seems to have an end. He accidentally shot his face with shotgun. His chin, teeth, tongue, lips and nose were blown off. He was injured and was unable to speak or eat. People seeing him gave him cold response as they were horrified with him. Norris locked himself in his room and left home only at night. He even tried to kill himself several times. But all his 15 years of torture was about to end with the death of another. In 2012 a 21 year old boy Joshua Aversana was crossing the street where he was hit by a car.

The doctor realised he was braindead. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez had a strange plea with his parents. He wanted to transplant the whole face of Joshua into Richard’s head. Aversana family was shocked however they agreed as they don’t want their son’s death in vain. But in the history there has never been an entire face transplant. Norris survival rate was 50% but he agreed as he had already gone through a lot. The operation took 36 hours.

A new face and a new life was waiting for Richard Norris. He got teeth, tongue and can go out freely like before. Rebecca Aversana, sister of Joshua visited Richard Norris 3 years later. He was thankful to entire Aversana family. But for Rebecca Aversana his face will always be a living reminder.113




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