Anatolia Vertadella is a 101 year old woman and she gave birth to a 9-pound baby after. First of all this transplant was widely criticized by medical professionals because of the age of the woman.

This procedure was made in private clinic in Turkey even though it is forbidden. It was made in Turkey just because of the European laws which do not allow the ovary transplants. But this women did not tell the name of the private clinic.

She said: ”I am extremely grateful to these people who have decided to go on with the operation. But I am much more happy because I have birth to my 17th child. This can only be a true blessing and a testament to the God’s power. Thank you God!”

Long time she felt useless to God. When she turned 48 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At that time she believed that God was punishing her for having 16 children. However God granted her with one more child.

After the whole procedure was over, the was left to Anatolia. The doctors said that that they are not here to judge.

They also added that Anatolia gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. This is a true gift from God.

The operation was completely and it was taken in Turkey by a handful of expert surgeons. According to the doctors the woman is in excellent state, she is healthy and feeling good and they predict that she still has many good years in front of her to share with her child.

Every day around the world many children are born unwanted or by accident. On the other hand this child will have a loving home.


Her husband has been dead for long time,she was alone since 1998. That year they have found a sperm donor and make this birth possible. She found the father of her child on-line.She wanted her kid to be in a union sanctified by the Catholic church.

The father of the child, however will not play a part in the kid’s life. In addition you should know that this woman wrote to the pope to ask his absolution. She believes that the pope will find a place in his heart to forgive her and in his honor she named her child after him.

She said that she is still 100% faith full to her deceased husband, she only needed and used the seed of this young fervent Catholic to fulfill God’s will.You might help someone in need, so don’t forget to share this with your friends and family on Facebook!

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