The doctor stuck a small battery on her back. What she saw after a few minutes she will remember until the end of her life!

Have you ever had a nickel allergy? This is a new era of allergies, if you notice sometimes on yourself, you’ll know what was the cause of it.

One day Susan McKenzie noticed redness on her wrist. The rash was irritating, red itching. She did not know why it happened, while her doctor could not determine the cause: Nickel

She discovered that it is not only this. One in five people in North America have a nickel allergy. Nickel allergy has over 11 million children. The cause? Electronic devices!

With the growing occupation of technology around us and handheld technological devices, nickel has become increasingly difficult to avoid. The cause of Susan’s allergy was an electronic fitness hand device. Nickel can be present in earrings and bracelets, things of stainless steel, electronic devices, mobile phones, laptop, and tablet.

Allergy caused by nickel has become inevitable state of the 21st century. Doctors recommend that watches and bracelets fitness loosen in order to avoid irritation of the electronic device. Even certain types of food cause a nickel allergy. Dermatologists say that people with such allergies should avoid soy, soy sauce, tofu cheese, liquorice, buckwheat, cocoa powder, shells, cashew nuts and figs.You might help someone in need, so don’t forget to share this with your friends and family on Facebook!

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