Avoid Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms (Terrifying Truth)

More bacteria can be spread with the hand dryers in the public bathroom than with paper towels. Most of the people that use the hand dryers believe that that way they are eliminating bacteria and that they will be more protected. The high-velocity hand dryers have about six times more bacteria around them which makes them really dangerous.

In one study were tested 3 hand-washing methods: conventional warm-air dryers, jet dryers and paper towels. The purpose of this study was to find out which one of these methods is the best. The results were the following:  65 times more viral plaque-forming units can be spread by high-velocity than the warm-air dryers. The people that were asked to have a part in this study were asked to wear gloves and to wash their hands in the air-controlled rooms where there were the three hand-washing methods.

To prevent complications and you ending up with catching a virus you should avoid going to public restrooms as much as you can. The best way to eliminate bacteria is to wash your hands properly.

Source: www.mycentralhealth.com

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